Thursday, March 29, 2012

Egg Addition Matching Game

Hello friends! 

I hope your having a wonderful day, and your weather is nicer than mine. It is a bit cold and cloudy out today. Oh, and the forecast calls for a chance of snow tomorrow. Snow?! It's almost April! The warm spring weather we had last week has seemed to vanish. We certainly enjoyed the nice weather while it lasted...hope it comes back to soon! 

My husband has lost 25 pounds go here to find out how

Here is a quick update on Jacob's weight. I decided to change pediatricians, basically to get a second opinion. We went to the new doctor last week and my little boy has gained a just under 2 pounds in a month!! WOOT! 

He has to go back in another month or so to get another weight check, but we are on the right track!! Thank you for your kind words! :)

Yesterday, I did the egg number matching game with Mady. 

My big girl Ariana is having trouble with math and needs to practice her fact tables. Today, I made the  addition matching game with the same materials! 

The egg holders are the answers to the addition facts. 

We have been practicing adding by 3's. I used this website to make my own printable math facts. Then I printed, cut, and taped them to the egg. 

I only did up to 9 + 3 because my egg carton answers only go through 12. Once she masters this I will have her add to 18. 

Don't you just love the versatility with this project?? 

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